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100 wc week 27

The Big Race

As Jason and Jillian raced down the road they noticed that the annual 3 legged race was happening at their school. They had won that race three years in a row. They decided to sign up immediately. What they hadn’t realised was that they were already tired from their running. Once they got tied up together the race started. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress, they were too far behind. They lost the race. They seemed fine at first but then they started thinking about their legacy and they got upset. That's when they ran home and were not seen for a whole week.
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100 wc week #22

The Fish
As I climbed down the ladder from the attic I heard a splash so I thought it was my brown goldfish so of course I went to check on him. He was probably hungry so I fed him; he slowly ate his food but went back to jumping around, soon he flew out of his tank and onto the floor; I didn’t know what to do so I just left him there and grabbed a net and put him in, walked to the washroom and flushed him. Later I heard some gurgling and then I ran.

100 wc week #21

The Mysterious Artist

As Kris walked down to the park he noticed multiple sticks in the shape of a figure so immediately he called the cops. By the time they got there, it was getting dark they decided to just put up a camera. The next day there was another one of those figures but nothing was caught on tape. So they set up a night vision camera, and left. And so I went home the next thing I saw was another one of those figures  I had no idea how it happened but I guess I’ll never know.

100wc week #19

the drainpipe
As it came down the drainpipe, we ran down the gloomy city streets. We stopped to take a breath, looked back and ran again; I tripped on a curb and was left behind by Jordan. When I came too it was in front of me. I soon realised it was just a little cat, so the two of us went to look for Jordan. First we checked the drainpipe; next we went to his house nothing. Lastly we checked the hideout, and there he was so scared I had to laugh. So we just sat there laughing at ourselves.

100wc week #17

The Missing Snake  As I Cycled down the street Jordan called me to find out how far I was. " I`m 5 minutes away." I begged. So as soon as I saw Jordan's house I jumped off my bike and ran there, up the steps I went. Before I could even knock Jordan dashed out saying. "Have you seen a red snake?" "No?" "C’mon Kris you gotta help me look!" "OK." So we searched for an hour. Once we were in the kitchen, we noticed something red in the corner room, together we walked closer and realized it was just a wire. We checked the clock for the time and there it was, one red snake.